Daemonic client is a platform that supports multiple addons/products. Visit the shop to see available addons/products.

– Windows XP 32bit.
– Windows Vista 32bit, 64bit.
– Windows 7 32bit, 64bit.
– Windows 8 32bit, 64bit.
– Windows 8.1 32bit, 64bit.
– Windows 10 32bit, 64bit.
– Windows 11 32bit, 64bit.


Yes. However, (1) PC only during a running session unless you purchased multiple sessions.

If you haven’t locked your key to your PC, you can re-add it again. However, if you locked the key to your PC, you’ll have to contact us in Discord.

No, Daemonic client is a portable application, just extract and run it.

Yes, you will get assistance if required, just contact us through Discord.

Don’t worry, It is a false detection. Daemonic client is protected with a Packer/Protector. Add Daemonic client to the exclusion list in your antivirus or just disable your AV while playing.

You can use MoonPay services to purchase BTC and transfer them directly to our BTC address provided in checkout page or through one of our resellers.

“Note that during purchase you have to account for the service fees. Make sure to cover the fees & product price before completing the payment.”

Yes, you can run many sessions at the same time based on your purchased key type.

Yes you can but you will be asked either to Replace or Merge. The maximum license activation period is 30 days only.

Note: Replaced key time will not be paused.

Your order is on hold waiting for at least 1 blockchain confirmation to get processed. Waiting time depends on how fast your BTC provider is processing transfers.

VPNs are not directly supported. However, you can try several VPN providers to find the best solution that works well with our client.

Make sure that your client exe is placed in a folder with exceptions from your Anti-Viruses. Also, make sure that your client exe folder is empty and contains only client exe, maps, supported addons files and any other Lua file developed to run on our unlockers to autoload them.