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Addon Name: NerdPack

Category: Framework.

– Powerfull framework where developers can easily create their Combat-Routines and/or Plugins.
– Never worry about updating again, latest version is streamed onload.
– Easily manage subscriptions as a user or developer.
– Supports both free and paid CRs/Plugins.

NerdPack is a framework that enables developers to create combat routines and plugins once and have them working everywhere. It also provides them a platform to distribute their work and even sell it optionally.
For the user it makes it easier to find and manage all their tools in the same place, and not be limited to a specific lua unlocker. It also means the user does not have to manually update a bunch of random scripts individually, in NerdPack everything is streamed so you’re always updated.

Purchase & Support:
NerdPack Discord.

Addon Name: Project Madness

Category: PVE Combat Rotations.

– High-End PVE combat rotations.
– Supports retail wow.
– Supports all languages.
– Usable from Level 1 to level 60.
– Customizable user-friendly settings.
– Automatic updates with changelog.
– Active support team, always ready to help.

Project Madness, hand-crafted combat rotations built on nerdpack framework with easily manageable subscriptions for retail wow, supports all languages with a variety of different helping plugins already included (like: Mad Fish, Auto Loot and Auto Target).

Purchase & Support:
Project Madness Discord.

Addon Name: Awful

Category: PVP-PVE Combat Rotations.

– Advanced combat routine framework, PvP-focused but all-inclusive.
– Free to download & develop routines on, with an openly-documented API.
– Multiple high-level PvP combat routines by independent developers available.
– Automatic authentication and licensing for routines.
– Sleek dashboard to manage subscriptions and settings.

Purchase & Support:
Awful Discord.

Addon Name: Go Hands Free

Category: PVP-PVE Combat Rotations.

– Full Elite combat rotations based on good old HandsFree by Naarian.
– PvP support: professional.
– PvE support: casual.
– All language clients supported (English UI).
– Wow Expansions: SL, TBC, ERA.
– Classes: all.
– Specializations: all.
– Talents: all.
– Covenants: all.
– Levels: all, best performance at max level.

HandsFree Discord.

Addon Name: BlistRogue WotLK PvP Toolbox

Category: Extremely High Level PvP Rotation for Rogues with some extra Classes and a good PvE Support.

– Our Rouge PvP routine is coded to get you to the highest Rating and lets you play at the maximum Mechanical Gameplay.
– We actively develop and bring more updates to the Script more than once a week and also listen to community feedback.
– Next to our PvP routine our Script comes with an AV-Bot and also a Grind Bot which makes your life a lot easier.
– We also Work on other Class PvP Routines which will be implemented over time but our main focus is on making the best Rouge PvP Routine on the Market.
– We already had a Rouge PvP Routine(top raiting:2900) for TBC which was only used by us

BlistRogue Discord.

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