Addon Name: Awful

Category: PVP-PVE Combat Rotations.

– Advanced combat routine framework, PvP-focused but all-inclusive.
– Free to download & develop routines on, with an openly-documented API.
– Multiple high-level PvP combat routines by independent developers available.
– Automatic authentication and licensing for routines.
– Sleek dashboard to manage subscriptions and settings.

Purchase & Support:
Awful Website.

Addon Name: Go Hands Free

Category: PVP-PVE Combat Rotations.

– Full Elite combat rotations based on good old HandsFree by Naarian.
– PvP support: professional.
– PvE support: casual.
– All language clients supported (English UI).
– Wow Expansions: SL, TBC, ERA.
– Classes: all.
– Specializations: all.
– Talents: all.
– Covenants: all.
– Levels: all, best performance at max level.

HandsFree Website.

Addon Name: Phoenix Combat Routines

Category: PVE Combat Rotations.

– High-End PVE Combat Routines.
– Compatible With All Levels and Languages.
– User-Friendly Interface.
– Dedicated Support Team.
– Free Trial and Monthly Giveaways.

Phoenix is a PVE combat routine designed to help players excel in gameplay. It is compatible with all levels and languages,
making it a versatile tool for players of all backgrounds. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate and customize,
even for those new to the game. The dedicated support team can always assist with any questions or concerns.
Additionally, Phoenix offers a free trial and monthly giveaways, allowing players to try the combat routine before purchasing.

Phoenix Discord.

Addon Name: GMR

Category: Full Bot/Framework.


– Questing Bot
– Grinding Bot for leveling via killing mobs.
– Gathering Bot. (Ground + Flying)
– Battlegrounds Bot (PVP)
– Custom Rotations for All Classes
– Fishing Bot
– Profile Auto Loader (Loads the next profile based on level)
– Disenchanting Bot
– Dungeon Bot / Party Bot! Run multiple characters all following the leader

GMR is the advanced WoW Botting Program that allows you to play wow automatically, Ranging from grinding to questing to gathering to fishing. Anything you can think of we can offer!
GMR has been around since classic wow released, and has grown into the most recognized bots wow has ever seen.

GMR Website.

Addon Name: PiBot

Category: Full Bot/Framework.

Enchance your World of Warcraft experience with π Bot Advanced, As π Advanced Team, we have years of experience in the field. With our product, you are able to Grind, Gather, Quest, use rotations for PvE and PvP purposes, Multiboxing and Slave Mode. On top of that we make things easier for everyone. Our profile maker tool supports profile making with 0 coding knowledge. Our vision is to have the most affordable, premium and easy to use product for our users. We have nice community, great support, also remote support with free virtual machine guides and configs for Windows enjoyers. Regardless of being user or not you are always welcome at our sides to discuss ideas or having a conversation with the community. We value each idea and offer to push our quality as far as possible. For now, we support crypto & paypal through our resellers. However, in the future you’ll be able to get your Licenses with credit card. On top of that, you’ll also be able to get your License with your in-game cold. And this brand new feature, you’ll be able to keep your train going just the gold you farm. We’re actively at the stage of providing better profiles and having expansion-wide content. In near future we’ll have our Retail options as well. We already have Hyper Spawn Farm, optimized by our developer team.

PiBot Discord.